Versatile design for a universal market appeal. Capable of two-color simultaneous painting from both sides of the truck. Efficiently get more done in less time with less exposure to traffic. 


specifications are subject to change.


  • Isuzu Model NRR Diesel Class 5
  • 19,500# GVWR; 7,275# front GAWR; 13,660# rear GAWR
  • 150" wheelbase
  • Isuzu 4HK1-TC Diesel, 5.2L 4 cylinder, 215 hp @ 2,500 rpm, 452 #/ft torque @ 1,850 rpm; Vertical exhaust
  • Aisin Model A465 Automatic; 6 speed transmission
  • Suspension driver's seat
  • Back-up camera built into audio system with dash mounted 7" color display
  • Aluminum rear fenders


  • 3/16" smooth aluminum 88" wide deck with grip material in walk areas
  • (2) aluminum 18"x14"x24" toolboxes
  • (2) steel fold up ladders
  • Stair step rear access
  • 32" high railing with mid-rail at operator stations with weatherproof black vinyl padding on side rails
  • (2) non-suspension high back black vinyl seats with armrests, seat belts & seat tethers mounted on toolboxes
  • 5# and 10# fire extinguishers
  • (2) cup holders
  • Powder coated white
  • Welded on canopy to protect rear operators from sun

Mechanical Front Guide

  • Pneumatic lift with swivel caster tire
  • 6' to 10' extension, collapsible for transport


Gun Carriages

  • Medium duty steel parallel arm style gun carriages; single center swivel caster wheel mounted behind rear tires
  • Pneumatic lift with lift switch in each SC-12 Master Control Box
  • Auto-hold transport brackets
  • Outrigger single tube-in-tube construction with UHMWPE wear pads
  • Orbital steering motor power steering with wheel and spinner knob
  • Zinc plated adjustable brackets & rods

Paint Capacity

  • 230-gal capacity 2 compartment, 10 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel tank; with splash area holds 115-gal. white, 115-gal yellow
  • Dip sticks for paint level monitoring
  • Coated interior surfaces w/ EZ-Slide RB-9512 graphite-based coating
  • (2) hydraulic paint agitators, 1 per color selection

Paint Guns

  • (3) Graco Model 238-377; paint tips XHD-555
  • Handgun plumbed to white surge chamber; 25' hose whip with double L brackets that hose can be wrapped around and ends secured with a quick fist grip

HP Paint Pumps

  • (2) Model 445-345 Titan/Speeflo 
  • Manually controlled paint pressure and on/off valves at pumps/operator stations
  • Cam & groove fitting at inlet of each HP paint pump
  • (2) HP canister paint filters 18 sq. in each with drain port returning to paint tanks
  • (2) 1" HP-check valves
  • (2) ASME surge chambers - 1 per color

LP Pumps

  • 1.5" ARO load/charge pumps - 1 per color
  • (2) LP filters: 100 sq. in. each with drain port

Bead Tank

  • 1000lb bead capacity with 2" diameter sight level gauges at 1/4, 1/2, & 3/4 level
  • Screen in neck of tank
  • Vacuum loading w/ 1" Penberthy jet pump & muffler
  • (1) 2" ID x 12' crush resistant corrugated chemical transfer hose w/ king nipple

Bead Guns

  • (3) Graco Model 238-338 guns

Auxiliary Engine

  • Cummins Model QSF2.8 Tier 4 Final; 74 hp

Hydraulic System

  • (2) pumps: one 2.75 CIR Danfoss 45 J frame press. comp. piston pump & one 3.0 CIR Permco P2100 gear pump
  • 50-gal reservoir; 50 gpm hydraulic oil cooler with preset temperature switch
  • Flow control valve to supply constant hydraulic oil flow to air compressor

Air Compressor

  • 85 cfm Boss Industries Model 80102-AHBI
  • 12-gal air tank
  • LaMan 111-F two stage air dryer with auto ejector drain
  • Air control box at right side of left operator with bead tank regulator & gauge
  • (2) Air take-offs - one on each side by gun carriages with quick connect fitting
  • Humphrey Model M310 air solenoids (4 left carriage, 2 right carriage)

Electrical System

  • Hoffman electrical box
  • Skip-Line, Inc. Model SC-12 controller
  • (3) gun actuator switches also referred to as gun raiser switches for paint guns
  • (2) gallon counts-one per color
  • Kill switch (main power switch) for striping guns in chassis cab

Intercom System

  • David Clark U3800 system with (2) dual muff Model H3432 headsets for the rear operators and (1) single muff Model H3492 headset for the driver; (3) storage hooks for headsets -(1) chassis cab & (2) OP area

Safety Light System

  • (4) Whelen L41AP LED strobe lights; 1 pedestal mounted on each front corner of deck; 1 on each back corner of the canopy roof
  • (2) Whelen Model LINV2A amber 180-degree LED strobes; 1 on each gun carriage
  • (8) Hella 1000 lumen LED work lights; 2 on canopy facing forward; 1 under deck near LP pumps; 4 carriage lights, 1 behind and in front of each carriage; 1 front bumper mounted if line guide is added
  • (2) overhead dome lights in operator area, 1 over each seat with red/white option
  • (1) Whelen TAC850 arrow stick on rear of canopy

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