EZ Liner has been setting the standard for quality pavement markings since the 1960's. With that storied experience and knowledge, EZ Liner builds some of the most dependable and hardworking striping equipment available. No matter the market, whether customers are looking for a walk behind striper that will mark an airfield or a long line highway project, EZ Liner offers products that will tackle the job with simplicity, efficiency, and professionalism.


Equipment Family


EZ Liner offers a large family of striping equipment from standard to completely custom, that will make any job EZ.

The ValuLiner family is a standard line of equipment.The VersaLiner family is a semi-customizable line of equipment that offers enhanced features and pre-engineered options. The CustomLiner family is a line of completely custom truck.

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Equipment Type


EZ Liner offers different types of equipment in a variety of styles and size options available.

From walk-behind and self-propelled equipment for smaller projects that require ease of movement to palletized and truck equipment to tackle pavement or airport markings, to long line striping with large paint capacity to keep jobs moving quickly.

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Equipment Availability


EZ Liner understands the importance of timelines and offers a large range of equipment with various availability options.

EZ Liner's goal is to provide equipment where it needs to be, -"when our customers need it,"-. EZ Liner offers equipment in four different availability ranges, including 30, 60, or 90 days, or a built--to--order options.**

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**Timelines vary by equipment line and availability.


Need parts or help figuring out a problem on your truck? Call Erik, our resident parts expert, for any and all parts related issues. 


"I have been employed under the Vogel blanket since 2004, starting as a design draftsman and machinist for the Roda manure spreader division in Hull, IA. I also worked as a liaison between EZ Liner engineering and fabrication at the Hull facility. When the Roda division was sold in 2009, I transitioned to the engineering team at the Orange City, IA facility.  In 2018, the Parts Manager position opened up and I took the opportunity to work directly with our customers.  My years of experience have been very helpful with troubleshooting and making sure that the customer gets exactly what parts they need. Call me today for any of your parts needs!"


P: (712) 737-4016 ext. 11938  E: erik.wagner@ezliner.com