Equipment Overview

The TV-AL500 Teton is part of our ValuLiner series. The strategy behind the development of the ValuLIner series striping trucks is simple, provide the best product for the best value. Customers are purchasing a ValuLIner for its ease of operation and the value it provides.

  • Recommended for long line road and highway projects
  • 500 gallons capacity
  • Peterbilt Chassis
  • EZ-Liner warrants all equipment manufactured by EZ-Liner for 12 months from date of purchase. Some conditions apply. Contact EZ-Liner for more warranty information.

Base Unit

  • CHASSIS - Peterbilt Model 220, 33,000# GVWR, 170”–182” wheel base with factory clear frame rail package, highway cruise control with low speed engine control down to 4 mph, remote controlled side mirrors, air-ride driver’s seat, air-ride passenger’s seat, painted Ice White, heat & AC, 160 amp alternator, 21,000 pound air ride rear suspension, 45 gallon left side fuel tank, left side DEF tank, AM/FM/CD/USB/MP3 Bluetooth radio, PACCAR Model PX-7 diesel engine with 250 HP at 2400 RPM, Allison Model 2500RDS-P transmission, 11R22.5 tires with steel wheels, and back up alarm.
  • DECK - smooth aluminum with grip material strips; 96 inch wide at OP station, 84 inch wide OP station to gun carriages, and 96 inch wide forward of the carriages; two cup holders; one standard fold up ladder; two offset fold up ladders; 42 inch high railings with mid-rail; 32” high railing with mid-rail and bump-out OP stations; one 5 pound and two 10 pound fire extinguishers.
  • MECHANICAL FRONT GUIDE - Pneumatic lift with swivel caster tire with 6 to 10 foot extension.
  • OPERATOR SEATS - Two air ride-suspension seats, black vinyl seats with armrests, seat belts and tethers mounted on pedestals with padding on top of side railings.
  • OP CANOPY - aluminum 96 inch wide, two red/white LED lights canopy ceiling.
  • PAINT CAPACITY - 500 gallon paint capacity using tote draw paint supply system, 2 inch plastic hookup hoses, 1 inch LP paint recirculation. Four web straps provided for securing paint totes – two per tote. Deck cutouts for tote hose hookups with cam and groove fitting hookups for tote hoses when totes are removed
  • HP PAINT PUMPS - two Titan 13.0 GPM pumps with manual control and two ASME surge chambers. HP paint filter on each and pressure relief at each HP paint filter. HP paint hoses 3/8 inch ID with 3/8 inch ID female swivel fitting on both ends.
  • LP PAINT PUMPS - two ARO 2 inch diaphragm pumps with 100 square inch filter with drain valve, each with two 2 inch by 12 foot load hoses, cam and groove fittings both ends with cam and groove fitting on 1.5 inch by 40 inch SS pipe stingers. Pumps used for loading paint & charging HP paint pumps.
  • PAINT GUNS - three Graco Model 238-377.
  • BEAD TANK - 3000 pound bead tank with step, three 2 inch sight glasses, screen in neck of tank, vacuum bead loading with 2 inch by 12 foot load hose with 3 foot stinger.
  • BEAD GUNS - three Graco Model 238-338 with ¾ inch ID poly spring reinforced hoses.
  • AIR COMPRESSOR/AUXILIARY ENGINE - Boss Industries Model FT4210DUS Tier 4 Final with 210 cfm @ 100 psi, utility mount with controls at unit curbside of unit, 12 gallon air tank, air jets, Model 111F LaMan extractor/dryer with auto drain, two air take offs and one at each gun carriage.
  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - 30 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with 6 micron absolute return line filter and 10 micron cartridge breather filter. One pressure compensated hydraulic pump direct driven by John Deere 4045TF 290 Tier 4 Final auxiliary engine part of Boss Industries utility mount air compressor. Five foot carriage extension. Hydraulic oil cooler with 12 volt DC fan with temperature switch. Solenoid controlled hydraulic bypass switch for easy start of auxiliary engine.
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - mid-size console; Skip-Line, Inc. Model SC-12 timer system with two, four line Master Boxes with air jet switch and gun actuator switches. Three-position alternate cycle switch, two gallon counts, one per color, and heavy duty magnet wrap.
  • ARROW BOARD - National Signal 25 LED lamp 3 foot by 6 foot actuated arrow board with controller in chassis cab.
  • INTERCOM SYSTEM - David Clark Model U3800 three station with one H3492 single earpiece headset & two Model H3432 dual earpiece headsets. Three headset storage hooks.
  • SAFETY LIGHT SYSTEM - two Whelen Model L21HAPA amber LED 360° strobes front of deck, two Whelen Model 70A02FAR amber LED directional light heads on rear of canopy railing, and two Whelen Model LINV2A mini amber LED 180° strobes on carriages, one per carriage
  • ELECTRIC ACTUATORS - three electric actuators for paint guns with switches on timer boxes.
  • LED WORK LIGHT SYSTEM - eight Hella 1000 lumen LED work lights.
  • BEAD SCALE SYSTEM - Digi-Scale Bead Tank System with digital scale head at operator control console.