Equipment Overview

The TV-AL110 Cascade is an entry level truck striper designed with quality, durability, and productivity in mind . The TV-AL110 Cascade is recommended for projects that require a compact design without compromising output.

  • Recommended for contractors and government entities for road & highway striping
  • 110 gallon capacity
  • Isuzu Chassis
  • EZ-Liner warrants all equipment manufactured by EZ-Liner for 12 months from date of purchase. Some conditions apply. Contact EZ-Liner for more warranty information.

Base Unit

  • Chassis-Isuzu Model NPR-HD GAS 14,500# GVWR; 6,630# front GAWR & 11,020# rear GAWR; 132.5” wheelbase; aluminum rear fenders.
  • Deck-Aluminum diamond plate 88” wide x 176”; cup holders; (2) fold up ladders, bump out rails at operator stations; (2) operator seats; headboard; 32” high railings at the operator stations with mid-rails & black vinyl padding on side rails; stair step rear access; chrome grab handles; (1) 5# & (1) 10# fire extinguishers; painted white
  • Mechanical Front Guide-Pneumatic lift with swivel caster tire, 6’-10’ extension
  • Operator Seats-(2) “boat” style black vinyl seats on pedestals with seat belts
  • Gun Carriages-Medium duty in front of rear tires with standard single tire installed in a single center swivel with auto lock brackets. Positioned using steering sectors with steering wheels with spinners
  • Paint Capacity-110 gallons; drum draw holder w/tie downs-(2) 55 gal. drums.
  • HP Paint Pumps-(2) Two Titan 8.6 GPM “plated” pumps; manual control with two ASME surge chambers. 2” wye strainer at the inlet of each HP paint pump. HP paint filter at each pump outlet; pressure relief/paint recirculation at each HP paint filter.
  • Paint Loading using HP paint pumps at low pressure; 1 ½”x12’ load hose with stinger per pump with stand tube storage.
  • Paint Guns-Three Graco Model 238-377
  • Bead Guns-Three Graco Model 238-338.
  • Bead Tank-750# bead tank with 2” sight glasses; screen in neck of tank. Vacuum bead loading using shop air compressor (at least 60 cfm)..
  • Auxiliary Engine Honda 23 hp gas engine, controls at engine with exhaust stack with rain cap; separate 7 gal CARB compliant fuel tank; separate battery
  • Hydraulic System-One pressure comp. pump; 12 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir; hydraulic oil cooler with temp switch; manual controlled by-pass valve
  • Air Compressor-Rol-Air with 30 displacement cfm @ 100 psi with cooler; 2 gal. air tank; LaMan extractor/dryer with auto drain; (1) oiler for air solenoids; (2) carriage lift valves.
  • Electrical System-Hoffman electrical box; Skip-Line, Inc. Model MST-14 Mini Skip Timer-ONE three line timer with carriage lift switch
  • Intercom System-David Clark Model U3800 three station with (1) H3492 single earpiece headset & (1) Model H3432 dual earpiece headset. (3) headset storage hooks.
  • Safety Light System-(2) Whelen amber LED 360° strobes-one each front corner of deck; (2) Whelen amber LED 700 Series light heads on rear railing-one each rear corner; & (2) mini strobes on carriages-one each carriage.