Equipment Overview

EZ-Liner offers the widest range of custom built truck mounted stripers available today. Our custom built approach means you will get a machine that is designed for your needs and your budget.

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact us today to get started on a custom engineered EZ-Liner truck designed with you in mind.

Options & Accessories

  • Utilization of components recognized and trusted as professional, durable, dependable and cost effective
  • Choice of chassis
  • Engineering generated weight distribution layouts to ensure compliance with vehicle and legal limits
  • High quality welds and unparalleled platform, railing and ladder construction
  • Two component urethane coating, powder coating and plating for ultimate protection from weathering, wearing and fading
  • Durable, lightweight, sturdy carriage design with automatic storage lock and down pressure for consistent lines
  • Variety of paint delivery systems available including airless and air-spray technology
  • Simplified and convenient plumbing, wiring and controls for user friendliness and efficiency
  • Field-tested with millions of gallons of traffic paint from on-the-job situations through our own marking division
  • Built to the requirements of each customer
  • Intelligent and safe design, dependable performance and reliable service after the sale
  • Endless supply of guiding tools such as mechanical types, laser and video cameras
  • Enhanced air preparation fixtures to protect onboard pneumatic systems
  • Surface preparation air jets and electric gun elevators for line width control
  • Solenoid override for gun testing at the carriage location
  • Resourceful paint and bead loading systems and level gauges
  • Agitators and recirculation for maintaining viscosity and integrity of the traffic paint
  • Tote and drum draw paint systems
  • Auxiliary paint and bead gun options for hand applications
  • Skip-Line, Inc. controllers, paint and bead monitoring systems, footage counters and other high tech electronic equipment
  • Safety lighting to include strobes, arrow and message boards, lightbars, etc.
  • Communication tools such as wireless, duplex simultaneous talk intercom systems
  • LED lighting packages