EZ Liner provides equipment financing solutions for any transaction over $10,000 with as little as the first lease payment due in advance. This allows you to procure equipment NOW instead of waiting for increased budgets. Custom solutions may also be available to fit your needs. Implement the latest EZ Liner pavement marking equipment and technology with little to no initial investment.

Advantages of Leasing

  • Quick turn-around time on approvals
  • Master Lease Agreements are established to allow quick response for future lease schedules to be added
  • Financing of the asset matches its useful life and preserves cash and investment balances
  • Lease/purchase agreements have relatively low cost of issuance
  • Provides fixed payments that allow for accurate budgeting, forecasting, and inflation protection
  • Provides total financing including freight, installation, and training costs
  • Additional Benefits for Government Agencies include
    • Municipal leases do not affect debt limits
    • Bond counsel costs are typically avoided for small issues
  • Additional Benefits for Private Companies include
    • Conserve cash for operations
    • Maximize tax benefits

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