Walk Behind Stripers

Walk Behind stripers are compact and versatile. Designed for contractors, sports turf managers and maintenance personnel for smaller jobs like parking lots and athletic fields. The striping units are easy to use, easy to transport and easy to store.


Self-Propelled Stripers

The Self-Propelled Striper series provides the technology of the larger striping trucks in a compact size. Great for intermediate projects like parking lots and airports. Recommended for contractors and municipalities looking for dependable, efficient stripers with the ability to handle intermediate projects without compromising the versatility of the compact design.

Palletized Stripers

The Palletized Striper series allows users to maximize the use of a pickup or flatbed that is already in your fleet. The Palletized stripers can be mounted on a pickup or flatbed (depending on the palletized striper) when needed and easily removed and stored when the pavement marking projects are complete, freeing up the pickup or flatbed for other uses.


Truck Stripers

EZ Liner offers a full line of truck stripers. Our truck stripers are custom built to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Our custom built approach means that you will get a machine designed for your needs as well as a machine that is dependable, safe and easy to operate. EZ Liner also provides support after the sale, offering service and parts to help keep your truck striper moving.