Marking Materials

We serve various levels of government agencies and contractors while focusing on the specific needs of the pavement marking industry with precision control, quality and safety. Through the application of professional traffic markings using quality traffic paint, we are able to provide knowledge, versatility and dependability. We incorporate the most comprehensive and practical research and development programs inclusive of both traffic paint manufacturing and application under one roof.

Traffic Paint

EZ Liner Industries offers a full line of traffic paints, including dozens of solvent borne and waterborne paint formulations that are readily available. EZ Liner can offer a performance match for nearly every state and federal specification, including fast dry and high build waterborne paints for increased durability. EZ Liner works with Diamond Vogel whose 90+ years of paint formulation experience has positioned them as one of the industry leaders when it comes to quality traffic paints. Paints are packaged in ones, fives, drums, or totes and shipped to meet your needs.

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Glass Beads

Glass beads are available for use with solvent borne and waterborne paints for either highway or runway use. AASHTO Specification Type I and Type II beads (coated, dual coated & non-coated) beads, as well as State specific beads and Federal Specification Airport Beads are available. Beads are packaged in 50 pound bags or supersacks as needed.